2012 IEEE International

Discounted Poster Printing


We have arranged for special discount pricing for color posters for attendees at the conference.  Document Technologies Inc. (http://www.dtiglobal.com/) has agreed to offer the following discount pricing to those attendees wishing to upload their posters, preview and pay for them online and have them delivered for no additional cost to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, the conference hotel. The attendees can pick their posters up at the pre-arranged times from the DTI representatives.

For detailed instructions regarding poster preparation please refer to this page. DTI can print posters in three sizes:

Height x Width: 24" x 36" (approx. 61 x 91 cm) poster: $23

Height x Width: 36" x 48" (approx. 91 x 122 cm) poster: $46

Height x Width: 36" x 60" (approx. 91 x 152 cm) poster: $54

(Note: ISO A0 paper is approximately 84 x 119 cm, or 33.1 x 46.8 in)

Please note that this special discount pricing is only available if the attendee uses the dedicated Document Technologies Inc. website for this conference. The complete price sheet is available here.

Instructions for submission: posters can be sent by email to chicago@dtiglobal.com, or submitted via FTP. Files over 24MB must be submitted via FTP. Click here for detailed instructions regarding the setup of the FTP connection. DTI will respond with an email with price, and a credit card form for the submitter to complete. Please direct questions regarding the printing service to chicago@dtiglobal.com, or call +1-312-739-9999.

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